About Creative Foam

A History of Trust

In the early 1990s, OSHA regulations on blood-borne pathogens began to require that the health care industry use non-absorbent materials in patient contact situations. Having years of experience fabricating and vinyl coating these types of materials, our transition into the medical markets was inevitable.

Products used in emergency medicine were the first to be produced, then home health products quickly followed. Creative Foam Medical Systems now produces products for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic uses such as MR and CT scan table pads, coils and positioners.

Our capabilities have grown throughout the years, especially since 1988, when Creative Foam Medical Systems became a subsidiary of Creative Foam Corporation, based in Fenton, Michigan. This relationship has allowed us to draw on Creative Foam's extensive R&D expertise based on their work with the safety-intensive automotive industry.

Mission Statement

Creative Foam Medical Systems will be the leader within its markets served, on the basis of being the first choice supplier of excellent quality, delivery, and cost that meet or exceed its customer's expectations.