Patient Positioners

Our in-house engineering department can help design and customize positioners for diagnostic imaging uses that meet your specifications. Regardless of the shape or size, our positioners can be totally encapsulated in an assortment of durable materials. Not only are our positioners comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they produce artifact-free images and meet all of the necessary patient contact surface

Table Pads

We produce original equipment and replacement table pads for use with MR, CT, cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, mammography, PET and bone densitometry equipment. Through the use of our Polyscan™, Precision Cell™ or PolyDry™ material, we create a durable pad that allows artifact free images to be taken without any distortions or interference. These materials can be quickly cleaned and sterilized, improving on patient throughput.

Coil Packaging

We have market leading expertise when it comes to encapsulating flexible circuits and other antenna technology. Through sophisticated molding and fabricating technologies, we safely secure electrical components inside a light, flexible foam. Ensuring stringent flammability and patient contact surface requirements are met, we can suggest materials and assembly procedures that maintain 100% compliance.