image 9001 certificate 13485 certificate



Quality Policy - The company will deliver error free competitive products and services to our customers, on time and which meet or exceed our customer's expectations. We will continually improve the effectiveness of our quality and management systems to better enable us to meet our customers' requirements.

  • COMPETITIVE means providing the customer with more value for the investment than the competition does.
  • CUSTOMER means the next person that receives our output whether inside or outside the company.

Throughout our history, Creative Foam Medical Systems has worked to exceed customers' expectations by producing the highest quality products possible. Most of our products are made to exacting customer specifications for use in the health care industry. Creative Foam Medical Systems medical products meet FDA 510(k) requirements for medical devices and are eligible to carry the CE (Conformitée Européene) mark of conformity to European standards, for export to the European community.

Our commitment to quality shows from top to bottom. Management's dedication to retain ISO 9001:2000 certification since 1996 and fully comply with ISO 14001 environmental regulations since 2002 is just a start. Our continuous training with our stable workforce has allowed us to consistently produce high quality products.