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Creative Foam Medical Systems offers MRI coil repair and refurbishing services of all OEM coils, providing both functional and cosmetic repairs.

Services include

  • Re-foam Flex Coils “Foam Packaging”
  • Repair & Repaint Surface Coils
  • Replacement Pads for Surface Coils
  • Patient Positioners
  • Replacement Table Pads for all Systems

Our ability to utilize in-house technicians and engineers gives us the advantage to refurbish medical equipment accessories through reverse engineering. Understanding the needs of the refurbished industry, we guarantee that your product will not only be of highest quality but also processed in a timely manner.

  • Service available for all OEM flex coils
  • Ability to refurbish coils to original condition
  • Certified technicians for troubleshooting and repair of coils
  • In-house engineering support to complete any custom request
  • Average turn-around time is 72 hours & negotiable
  • Trusted warranty service provided on all coils
  • Contact for quotation
DOTmed Certified: Creative Foam Medical Systems

Call for Pricing: 1-800-446-4644

Rethink. Reuse. Refurbish.